Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation

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This therapy includes micro-acupuncture, acu-facelift acupuncture, whole body acupuncture, facial cupping, a specialized cocktail of anti-aging oils, and facial and scalp massage.

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Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Cupping

What is Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation?

Imagine the benefits of anti-aging/wrinkles, firming and toning, and facial lifting and plumping but without the side effects of injecting neurotoxins, fillers, or having to go through surgery…these are just a few of the benefits of Facial Rejuvenation Therapy.


How Does It Work?

Facial Rejuvenation includes Micro-Acupuncture, acu-facelift Acupuncture, whole body acupuncture, facial cupping, a specialized cocktail of anti-aging oils, and facial and scalp massage. 

Each aspect of the treatment works to decrease inflammation, bring new blood and nourishment to the facial muscles and skin, boost collagen production, and detoxify the body. 

Treatments are customized and tailored on a case by case basis to allow for maximum benefits and results. Facial Rejuvenation sessions also have the added benefits of addressing whole body wellness as well as cosmetic improvements.

What are the benefits of Facial Rejuvenation treatments?

Facial Rejuvenation treatments promote circulation, tone and lift the facial muscles, tight pores, boost collagen production, even hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and enhance anti-aging cellular repair acupuncture, intradermal acupuncture, Gua Sha (facial massage), and specialized facial cupping.

What is Facial Cupping?

Small glass suction cups gently and effectively target the lymphatic and circulatory systems to increase blood flow, detoxify, and improve collagen and fluid distribution. Facial cupping is an efficient method for anti-aging, tension release, and lymphatic drainage and does NOT leave any bruising.

How Does It Work?

The small cups gently lift the facial tissue, resulting in increased blood circulation as well as stimulation and draining of the lymphatic channels. Facial cupping is a wonderful option for puffiness, dull looking skin, jaw tension/TJ, sinus issues, and more. 

All Facial cupping sessions (whether in a whole facial treatment or without facial acupuncture) include Gua Sha face and scalp massage which also aids in lifting, toning, and smoothing the face and neck. Learn more about the complete Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation here!


Who can benefit from Facial Cupping?

Anyone wanting to reduce facial aging, puffiness, dullness, tension, and sagging. Facial cupping is also a wonderful treatment for jaw tension/TMJ, allergies, sinus issues, headaches/migraines, and stress!

Facial cupping is a part of the full Acupuncture Facial or can be booked as an add-on service to other treatments. 

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