Medicinal Herbal Therapy

Herbal Medicine has been a powerfully effective natural remedy for thousands of years. Therapeutic grade herbal formulas boast anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and stress reducing properties that can be applied to a wide variety of health concerns.

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The Power of Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs are a wonderful way to expedite and enhance your healing journey as it functions on both a cellular and energetic level. 

At Calma Care we use the tincture form of Herbal Medicine which is a concentrated elixir. This concentrate makes it simple and easy to use on its own, or add it to hot water and date honey for a delicious and healthy treat!

We source all of our in-house herbal tinctures from reputable, safe, and research-based facilities. As a Board Certified Herbalist, Yohi offers both custom and pre-mixed formulas to address any health concern from sleep issues, stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, gynecology and fertility, frequent illness, allergies, pain, and so much more.

Herbal Consultations are offered on their own or as an add-on service for anyone looking to customize their health and wellbeing journey even further. We also have our most popular blends ready for purchase including our Stress Relief, Hormone Balance, and Immune boost formulas. 

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